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S plendor Buffet 欢腾大会   

$16 per pax for 8 dishes, min order 30 pax 任选 8样,每位 16 , 最少30 



面饭类     Noodle and Rice Dishes 

酥炸类Deep Fried Dishes 

香炒类Sauté Dishes 

香炒类Sauté Dishes 

咖喱类Curry Dishes 

糖醋类Sweet and Sour Dishes 

素鲜类Mock Fish Dishes 


星洲米粉         Singapore Style Vermicelli 

五彩拼盘Splendour Fantasy 

兰花冬菇Broccoli with Mushrooms 

*八宝素翅 Creamy Shark’s Fin Soup 

咖喱羊肉Curry Mock Kambing 

糖醋排骨Sweet and Sour Veg. Spare Rib 

清蒸鳕鱼Steamed Cod Fish 

龙眼海底椰Longan Sea Coconut 

桂花伊面     Assorted E Noodle 

干扁鲜菇Crispy Mushroom with Black Bean 

海参菠菜Mock Sea-cucumber with Spinach 

金香素虾Spicy Prawn 

辣酱鸡腱Rendang Veg. Chicken Ribs 

北京素鸭Peking Veg. Duck 

油浸鳕鱼Veg.Cod Fish with Black Sauce 

龙眼杏仁Longan Almond 


*橄榄菜炒饭  Olive Fried Rice Delight 


*沙拉素虾 Salad Veg. Prawn 

芥兰竹笙Zhu Sheng with Kai Lan 

爆炒螺肉Fried Oyster Meat 

*咖喱什菜 Curry   Mixed Vegetables 

蜜汁素排Veg. Meat Slice with Plum Sauce 

糖醋时鲜Sweet and Sour Fish 

芒果布丁Mango Pudding 

什锦炒饭        Assorted Fried Rice Delight 

香酥鲍片Deep Fried Abalone Mushroom 

鲍鱼菠菜Superior Abalone with Spinach 

蟹肉芙蓉    Tender Beancurd with Veg.Crab Slice 

辣酱素宝Rendang Mutton 

和颜悦色Seaweed Roll 

*  亚参时鲜 Asam Fish 

白果芋泥Taro Paste with Ginkgo Nut 

星洲河粉        Singapore Style Rice Noodle 

鸡肉串烧Veg. Barbecued Chicken 

佛钵生辉酱什芙蓉Tender Beancurd with Minced Meat 

罗惹    Rojak   





* Most Popular and Highly Recommended Dishes! 最受欢迎并强力推荐菜肴! 


Circle any 8 items, services are inclusive of disposable cutleries, normal red table cloth, tissue and rubbish bag. Beverages are excluded. 任圈8 , 包括即食即丢的餐具, 普通红桌布,纸巾和垃圾袋. 不含饮料 

Extra 额外:

i) Additional Table Rental 附加桌子出租: $4 per table $4 一张 

ii) Additional Dish 附加菜肴: $1.50 per dish per pax 每一道$1.50 (一个人数) 


顾客/Customer Name:______________________________                人数/Number of persons:______ 


联络/传真号码/Contact /Fax Number        :______________________________ 


递送日期/时间/Delivery Date/Time            :______________________________ 


递送地址/Delivery Add :__________________________________________________ 


备注/Remark ____________________________________________________________ 


Simply fill up the order sheet and fax to 67491087 or email to  

请打印兼填妥订单并将之传真 67491087 至或电邮至 

We will contact you to confirm if we have received your order. If we did not get back to you within 24 hours, please contact us to confirm if we have received your order.


Please inform us at least 5 days in advance for us to prepare on time.

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